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Automate your accounts receivable with Pinch to get paid on time

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How it works

Connect your accounting software

We integrate with Xero, Reckon, Quicken or MYOB. In a few clicks authorise Pinch to connect with your accounting software and Pinch will synchronise on upcoming invoices.

Configure your account

Personalise your customer experience, add bank details and set payment preferences like credit card and/or direct debit, create payment plans, breakdown invoices, set thresholds and automatically collect payment. 

Start collecting payments

Pinch will start to seamlessly support your payment process offering your customers a host of new means to pay your business. Enabling your team to collect payments faster and lessen admin. 

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Reduce admin workload 

Automatically reconcile every payment you collect with your bank account

Reconciling your bank accounts is a thing of the past with Pinch. Invite your customers to securely save their payment details and approve future payments. The Pinch platform automatically sets up ledger accounts and collects payments on the due date. Your accounting system is always up to date, it's as simple as that.

Make it easy to get paid

Offer credit card or direct debit

Take one-off payments straight on the invoice using Pay Now or set up recurring payments, payment plans or subscriptions to automatically receive payment on the invoice due date. All credit card details are stored securely through Pinch using PCI compliant security systems

Set up recurring payments, payment plans or subscriptions to automatically receive payment with pre-approval from your customer. Your customer can store their bank details for later payments. If they accept, they can automatically be charged on the invoice due date.

Reduce aged debt

Boost cashflow with customer pre-approvals 

No matter the invoice amount, Pinch helps you get paid faster. The Pinch platform lets you automate recurring invoices for variable amounts, perfect for those customers whose regular orders can vary from time to time.

    Chase customers less

    Improve your cash flow by collecting payment for multiple invoices at once.

    We know that life can get busy and sometimes even the best customers miss an invoice or two. With Pinch, your customers can see all outstanding invoices in one place every time they open an invoice. It's a proven way to improve cash flow and reduce bad debts and outstanding invoices.

    Batch Payments is currently available to all clients as a preview feature and will feature as part of a group of premium tools.

    Offer flexibility

    Break larger invoices down into flexible payment plans for your customers

    Another way to improve cash flow is to allow your customers to break large invoices into smaller batch, or installment payments. These can be a fixed dollar amount or percentage and are set up as a recurring payment in Pinch. All partial payments processed are fully reconciled in your accounting system.

      A simple platform

      Set up Pinch in less time than it takes to finish your morning coffee.


      Scale up or scale down, there are no set up, minimum or monthly fees. You can also on-charge transaction fees to your customers.

      Aussie support

      Our Australian support team is on hand to help. Book in a chat or email us.

      Automated reconciliation

      Simplify your accounting and cash flow management. Track funds with a ledger account automatically created by Pinch.

      Re-attempt payments

      If a payment fails, Pinch will automatically re-attempt.

      Safe and secure

      Pinch is PCI compliant. Rest assured your customers' sensitive data is safe.

      Simple reporting

      View your cash flow at a glance.


      Pinch sends email notifications when attention is needed.

      Shorten accounts receivable days

      Reduce bad and doubtful debts with Pinch's automated invoicing and cash flow management tools.

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      Pinch easily integrates with major accounting software
      or contact us for direct integration.

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      Developer API

      Psst.... are you a developer? Pinch is built API first. That means anything that we can do, you can do too! Check out more on the developer portal.

      What next?

      Easily integrate with major accounting software
      or contact us for direct integration.

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