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A developer first payments API connected to your accounting system

Come try out the Pinch API that allows you to process credit card and Direct Debit payments easily, all connected to your accounting system of choice.

Rock Solid Documentation

Complete resource including code samples

Take a look and play around with our API in a simulated test environment using the Postman collection and interactive API documentation. You can process payments, create and manage subscriptions and payer information all using fake money. The collection also contains code samples for all of the major programming languages, or if you use .NET you can use the official .NET SDK.

If you have questions, queries or suggestions you can be connected directly to the developers who work on the API - we'd love to hear from you!

Interactive sandbox account

Fully functioning test environment

One of the most annoying aspects of developing against a payments platform is simulating the process from payment capture to disbursement of the funds into the nominated account. Pinch gives all developers access to a sandbox portal which is built using the same API you will use in production, and when you are ready for launch it's as simple as using new API keys. Even better, we have a time travel function built in so you can simulate the entire payments process at any date in the future.

Australian support

Local support from local developers

Choosing to use Pinch over the large global corporates is something we take very seriously, and as a result you can expect to speak directly with the people who know the answers. Our integrators want to get up and running really fast but also appreciate that they can quickly jump on a Zoom call with us during business hours and get advice from the guys that wrote the API.

Get paid with anything!

One API for both Credit Cards and Direct Debit

Upon activation, you can immediately charge all of the major debit / credit cards such as Visa / Mastercard / AMEX as well as cards issued overseas. If that's not enough, you can also pull funds directly from an Australian bank account using much of the same code. Another way we want to save you time and hassle.

Trusted by 1800 Aussie businesses

Two-way sync with accounts

Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB and Reckon

All major accounting systems used in Australia are supported with our unique two-way sync at no additional charge. Push a contact into Pinch and it appears in your accounting system. Create a contact in your accounting system and it appears in Pinch together with the reference. The same applies to payments and invoices. All together, you have payments and accounts receivable solved in one go.

Regular or variable billing

Forget payment schedules!

We don't force you to lock in a regular payment amount or frequency (you can do that as well if you prefer), instead our Direct Debit's are open agreements meaning you can use them for metered billing, ad-hoc services, retainer based billing and even daily billing. The only limitation is in your head.

Register for a sandbox account

Pinch is built API first. That means anything that we can do, you can do too! Check out more on the developer portal.

Accounting Systems We Love

Pinch easily integrates with major accounting software or contact us for direct integration.

Get Started

Need info for your business or accountant?

The bean counters will love the fact that integrating with Pinch also integrates with your favourite accounting system with no extra effort required.