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Online credit card payments

Securely accept credit card payments online.

Take one-off payments straight on the invoice using Pay Now or set up recurring payments, payment plans or subscriptions to automatically receive payment on the invoice due date. All credit card details are stored securely through Pinch using PCI compliant security systems. 

Payments can be infrequent and vary in amounts, ideal for variable monthly / weekly billing.

Online direct debit payments

Securely accept direct debit payments online.

Set up recurring payments, payment plans or subscriptions to automatically receive payment with pre-approval from your customer. Your customer can store their bank details for later payments. If they accept, they can automatically be charged on the invoice due date. 

Direct Debits are payments that are pulled directly from a bank account. They are often more reliable and are cheaper to process but take longer to settle into your account. Ideal for fixed or variable recurring payments.

Get paid and reconcile

Every payment we process reconciles automatically with your accounting system

Use the Pinch platform to invite your customer to approve future payments. Your customer simply fills in their credit card or bank account details and selects to be automatically charged future payments. Pinch does the rest and automatically collects payments on the invoice due date. Your accounting system is always up to date, so spending time reconciling payments is now a thing of the past.

Multiple invoices in one go

Batch Payments allows you to collect payment for multiple invoices in one single payment

If you find that your customer has multiple invoices outstanding it's a good practice to notify them regularly. However now you have the opportunity to show all open invoices each time your customer opens any of their invoices with you! It's a proven way to improve cashflow and reduce outstanding invoices.

Batch Payments is currently available to all clients as a preview feature and will feature as part of a group of premium tools.

Installment payments

Break larger invoices down into flexible payment plans for your clients

Take any invoice from your accounting system and apply free trial periods, fixed payments (dollar amount or percentage based) and then a recurring payment to allow your clients to pay off larger invoices in regular smaller amounts. All partial payments processed are fully reconciled in your accounting system.

Automated Variable Invoice Payments

Any Ad-Hoc invoice can be automatically paid

How good would it be to create an invoice and know that your customer will pay it on the due date? How good is it for your customers to process your invoices without even opening an email? No matter the invoice value, Pinch will get you paid automatically via your customers preferred payment instrument. Recurring same and consumption based variable amount invoices and have the confidence to set your terms knowing you’ll get paid.


On-charge fees

Pass on the payment transaction fee to your customers.

Pinch charge a fee per transaction. You can choose to pass the fee onto your customer.

Plans and subscriptions

Breakdown large invoices into smaller payments, all tracked against the one invoice.

The Pinch payment plan designer lets you take deposits, recurring payments, fixed amounts or a percentage of the invoice total, or any combination of the above! You have the option to generate an invoice per payment, or one single invoice to track payments against. 

You’re in control

Set your payment terms, to suit you and your customers.

Allow payment by credit card and/or direct debit, create payment plans, breakdown invoices, set thresholds, pass on the transaction fee and automatically collect payment. Pinch has the flexibility to suit your business. 

A simple platform

You can set up and be using Pinch Payments by the time you finish that coffee.

Just a few bits of information are needed to get you started. Your name, email and then link to your accounting software. You can follow our ‘getting started’ guide or you can get Pinch now. There’s no setup, minimum or monthly fees. Just pay-as-you-go.


There’s no setup, minimum or monthly fees. Just pay-as-you-go.

Pinch fees are charged per transaction before the payment is deposited into your bank account. You can even choose to pass the fee onto some or all of your customers. Pinch will automatically reconcile the fees in your linked accounting software. 

Aussie support

Our Australian support team is on hand to help. Book in a chat or email us.

Founded and developed in Brisbane, Pinch are dedicated to provide quality local Australian support. Email support is available during business hours, and to avoid waiting on hold, phone support can be booked in advance. 

Auto reconciliation

Accounting and cashflow management simplified.

When you link Pinch to your accounting software, invoice payments are recorded and adjusted for Pinch fees. The Pinch fees are added as a bill in the accounting software. 

Re-attempt payments

If a payment fails, Pinch will automatically re-attempt.

Failed payments are managed through Pinch. Customers are notified of the failed payment and asked to update their details. You can easily create payment plans for customers to pay off the invoice. There are no fees to re-attempt credit card payments. Fees do apply for direct debit failed payments.

Safe and secure

Pinch is PCI compliant. Rest assured your customers sensitive data is safe.

All payment information is stored securely, PCI compliant including credit card tokenisation and AES256 encryption. All credit card and direct debit information is managed confidentially through Pinch. Credit card numbers are secured in a vault and never shown. Pinch integrates with the major Australian banks to ensure safe and secure transactions.

Simple reporting

View your cashflow at a glance.

Instantly see upcoming payments. View successful and settled payments. And easily stay on top of missed or failed payments. 


Pinch sends email notifications when attention is needed.

Your customer will receive notifications when you send a pre-approval request, when a payment has been attempted and when a pre-approval is cancelled. All emails can be turned off on request.

Psst... Are you a developer?

Pinch is built API first. That means anything we can do, you can do too! Check out more on the developers portal.

Integrate Pinch with accounting software

Easily integrate with major accounting software or contact us for direct integration.

Pinch can integrate with most accounting software and custom platforms.

Contact us to see how we can help.

What next?

Easily integrate with major accounting software or contact us for direct integration.

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