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Pinch Payments November Update

A quick insight into what the Pinch team have been up to in November 2020. We've got Payment Plans selectable from invoice page, some new email branding and a great new invoice financing partner.

Pinch Payments November Update

We've been quite busy over the past couple of weeks and would like to share a few enhancements we've made to the system.

Payment Plans selectable from invoice page

First up, any payment plan created that breaks down an existing invoice can be shown as an option to your client as a way to pay an invoice in instalments. You can choose which invoices this applies to based on the invoice value. Your client would see something like this:

screenshot of a template invoice

As you can see, the client has the option to pay in full or in this case by paying 12% of the invoice each month until fully paid. If you have more than one payment plan available, the client can choose. You are in control of the payment plan which can include fixed payments and a recurring payment.

We hope this gives you the ability to offer more flexible payment terms to clients who might be struggling in the current economic climate. 

Email Branding

Until now, we have sent out really boring plain text emails. This has finally changed, and all email notifications will be upgraded on the 15th November to include a lick of paint. Emails sent to your clients will now also include your logo, so if you haven't added one yet or the one you have needs an upgrade then update it via the Config -> Logo page in the Pinch portal. An example of an email going to your client is shown below.

screenshot of a successful payment notification email

Partnership with FundTap - Invoice Financing

FundTap are a great Kiwi based invoice financing company with a particular focus on small businesses. They allow you to finance against a selection of invoices. Their fee structure is the same as ours, purely pay as you go.

Check them out by clicking here

funtap and pinch logos next to eachother

I hope you find these updates useful and as ever if you need to reach out to us we're more than happy to discuss your individual requirements.



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Posted by Paul Allen on 19 November 2020