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Industry focus on wholesale payments

In this post we will focus on how Pinch can help a wholesaler using Xero to improve cashflow and reduce time spent chasing late paying customers.

Pinch Payments November Update

A quick insight into what the Pinch team have been up to in November 2020. We've got Payment Plans selectable from invoice page, some new email branding and a great new invoice financing partner.

A Shift Towards Community and Shopping Local

Many small businesses across Australia have had to instantly change the way they service their customers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is a lingering trend which may permanently alter consumer behaviour: A shift towards supporting local businesses as a community.

What it takes to bring payments to the Xero Roadshow

We’ve learned a lot since the last time we exhibited at a Xero conference and it’s fair to say that we still have a long list of things to learn.

Nonetheless, I wanted to put together a bit of a post on what we’ve done to prepare for the #XeroRoadshow and why we’ve made the choices we have.